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Learning More

The internet can be a helpful support tool for victims of domestic violence to find information and share their stories. As a warning, please be aware of online safety. Use a gender-neutral user name on websites and do not share personal information. You can find many websites devoted to domestic violence by using an online search engine, but the quality and intent of the sites you find have to be determined by you.


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    Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence
    P. O. Box 4762
    Montgomery, AL 36101
    Hotline: 1 (800) 650-6522
    Office: (334) 832-4842 Fax: (334) 832-4803
    Website: www.acadv.org
    Email: [email protected]

    Alaska Network on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault
    130 Seward Street, Suite 214
    Juneau, AK 99801
    Office: (907) 586-3650
    Website: www.andvsa.org
    Email: [email protected]

    Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence
    2800 N. Central Ave., Suite 1570
    Phoenix, AZ 85004
    Hotline: 1 (800) 782-6400
    Office: (602) 279-2900 Fax: (602) 279-2980
    Website: www.azcadv.org
    Email: [email protected]

    Arkansas Coalition Against Domestic Violence
    1401 W. Capitol Avenue, Suite 170
    Little Rock, AR 72201
    Hotline: 1 (800) 269-4668
    Office: (501) 907-5612 Fax: (501) 907-5618
    Website: www.domesticpeace.com

    California Partnership to End Domestic Violence
    P. O. Box 1798
    Sacramento, CA 95812
    Office: (916) 444-7163 Fax: (916) 444-7165
    Website: www.cpedv.org
    Email: [email protected]

    Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence
    1120 Lincoln St, #900
    Denver, CO 80203
    Office: (303) 831-9632
    Website: www.ccadv.org

    Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence
    912 Silas Deane Highway, Lower Level
    Wethersfield, CT 06109
    Hotline: (888) 774-2900
    Office: (860) 282-7899 Fax: (860) 282-7892
    Website: www.ctcadv.org

    Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence
    100 W. 10th Street, Suite 903
    Wilmington, DE 19801
    Northern Delaware: (302) 762-6110
    Southern Delaware: (302) 422-8058 Bilingual: (302) 745-9874
    Office: (302) 658-2958
    Website: www.dcadv.org

    DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence
    5 Thomas Circle, NW
    Washington, DC 20005
    Office: (202) 299-1181 Fax: (202) 299-1193
    Website: www.dccadv.org
    Email: [email protected]

    Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence
    425 Office Plaza
    Tallahassee, FL 32301
    Hotline: (800) 500-1119
    TDD: (850) 621-4202
    Office: (850) 425-2749 Fax: (850) 425-3091
    Website: www.fcadv.org

    Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence
    114 New Street, Suite B
    Decatur, GA 30030
    Hotline: 1 (800) 334-2836
    Office: (404) 209-0280 Fax: (404) 766-3800
    Website: www.gcadv.org

    Guam Coalition Against Sexual Assault & Family Violence
    P.O. Box 1093
    Hagatna, GU 96932
    Office: (671) 479-2277 Fax: (671) 479-7233
    Website: www.guamcoalition.org
    Email: [email protected]

    Hawaii State Coalition Against Domestic Violence
    810 Richards Street, Suite 960
    Honolulu, HI 96813
    Office: (808) 832-9316 Fax: (808) 841-6028
    Website: www.hscadv.org

    Idaho Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence
    300 E. Mallard Drive, Suite 130
    Boise, ID 83706
    Office: (208) 384-0419
    Website: www.idvsa.org
    Email: [email protected]

    Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence
    Hotline: (877) 863-6338
    Office: (217) 789-2830
    Website: www.ilcadv.org

    Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence
    1915 W. 18th Street, Suite B
    Indianapolis, IN 46202
    Hotline: 1 (800) 332-7385
    Office: (317) 917-3685 Fax: (317) 917-3695
    Website: www.icadvinc.org

    Iowa Coalition against Domestic Violence
    3030 Merle Hay Road
    Des Moines, IA 50310
    Hotline: 1 (800) 942-0333
    Office: (515) 244-8028 Fax: (515) 244-7417
    Website: www.icadv.org
    Email: [email protected]

    Kansas Coalition against Sexual & Domestic Violence
    634 SW Harrison Street
    Topeka, KS 66603
    Hotline: 1 (888) 363-2287
    Office: (785) 232-9784 Fax: (785) 266-1874
    Website: www.kcsdv.org

    Kentucky Domestic Violence Association
    111 Darby Shire Circle
    Frankfort, KY 40601
    Office: (502) 209-5382 Fax: (502) 226-5382
    Website: www.kdva.org
    Email: [email protected]

    Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence
    P.O. Box 77308
    Baton Rouge, LA 70879
    Hotline: 1 (888) 411-1333
    Office: (225) 752-1296
    Website: www.lcadv.org

    Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence
    One Weston Court, Box#2
    Augusta, ME 04330
    Hotline: 1 (866) 834-4357
    Office: (207) 430-8334 Fax: (207) 430-8348
    Website: www.mcedv.org
    Email: [email protected]

    Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence
    4601 Presidents Dr., Ste. 370
    Lanham, MD 20706
    Hotline: 1 (800) 634-3577
    Office: (301) 429-3601 Fax: (301) 429-3605
    Website: www.mnadv.org
    Email: [email protected]

    Massachusetts Coalition Against Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence/Jane Doe, Inc.
    14 Beacon Street, Suite 507
    Boston, MA 02108
    Hotline: 1 (877) 785-2020
    TTY/TTD:  1 (877) 521-2601
    Office: (617) 248-0922 Fax: (617) 248-0902
    Website: www.janedoe.org
    Email: [email protected]

    Michigan Coalition To End Domestic & Sexual Violence
    3893 Okemos Road, Suite B2
    Okemos, MI 48864
    Office: (517) 347-7000 Fax: (517) 347-1377
    TTY: (517) 381-8470
    Website: www.mcedsv.org

    Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women
    60 Plato Blvd. E, Suite 130
    Saint Paul, MN 55107
    Hotline: 1 (866) 223-1111
    Office: (651) 646-6177 Fax: (651) 646-1527
    Website: www.mcbw.org

    Mississippi Coalition Against Domestic Violence
    P.O. Box 4703
    Jackson, MS 39296
    Hotline: 1 (800) 898-3234
    Office: (601) 981-9196 Fax: (601) 981-2501
    Website: www.mcadv.org
    Email: [email protected]

    Missouri Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence
    217 Oscar Dr., Suite A
    Jefferson City, MO 65101
    Office: (573) 634-4161
    Website: www.mocadsv.org

    Montana Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence
    32 S Ewing St
    Helena, MT 59601
    Office: (406) 443-7794
    Website: www.mcadsv.com
    Email: [email protected]

    Nebraska Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Coalition
    245 South 84th St, Suite 200
    Lincoln, NE 68510
    Office: (402) 476-6256 Fax: (402) 476-6806
    Spanish Hotline: (877) 215-0167
    Website: www.ndvsac.org

    Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence
    250 South Rock Bldvd., Suite 116
    Reno, NV 89502
    (775) 828-1115 Fax: (775) 828-9911
    Website: www.nnadv.org

    New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence
    P.O. Box 353
    Concord, NH 03302
    Hotline: 1 (866) 644-3574
    Office: (603) 224-8893 Fax: (603) 228-6096
    Website: www.nhcadsv.org

    New Jersey Coalition for Battered Women
    1670 Whitehorse Hamilton Square
    Trenton, NJ 08690
    Hotline: 1 (800) 572-7233 TTY: (800) 787-3224
    Office: (609) 584-8107 Fax: (609) 584-9750
    Website: www.njcbw.org

    New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence
    1210 Luisa Street, Suite 7
    Santa Fe, NM 87505
    Office: (505) 246-9240 Fax: (505) 246-9240
    Website: www.nmcadv.org
    Email: [email protected]

    New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence
    119 Washington Avenue, 3rd Floor
    Albany, NY 12210
    Hotline NYS: 1 (800) 942-6906
    Hotline NYC: 1 (800) 621-4673
    Office: (518) 482-5465 Fax: (518) 482-3807
    Website: www.nyscadv.org

    North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence
    3710 University Drive, Suite 140
    Durham, NC 27707
    Office: (919) 956-9124 Fax: (919) 682-1449
    Website: www.nccadv.org

    North Dakota Council on Abused Women’s Services
    525 N. 4th St.
    Bismark, ND 58501
    Office: (701) 255-6240 Fax: (701) 255-1904
    Website: www.ndcaws.org

    Ohio Domestic Violence Network
    Hotline: (800) 934-9840
    Website: www.odvn.org

    Oklahoma Coalition Against Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault
    3815 N. Santa Fe Ave., Suite 124
    Oklahoma City, OK 73118
    Hotline: 1 (800) 522-7233
    Office: (405) 524-0700 TTY: (405) 512-5577
    Website: www.ocadvsa.org
    Email: [email protected]

    Oregon Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence
    9570 SW Barbur Blvd., Suite 214
    Portland, OR 97219
    Hotline: 1 (888) 235-5333
    Office: (503) 230-1951 Fax: (503) 230-1973
    Website: www.ocadsv.org

    Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence
    3605 Vartan Way, Suite 101
    Harrisburg PA 17110
    Office (717) 545-6400 TTY (800) 553-2508
    Website: www.pcadv.org

    Coordinadora Paz para la Mujer
    Apartado 193008
    San Juan, Puerto Rico 00919-3008
    Office: (787) 281-7579
    Website: ww.pazparalamujer.org
    Email: [email protected]

    Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence
    422 Post Road, Suite 201
    Warwick, RI 02888
    Hotline: 1 (800) 494-8100
    Office: (401) 467-9940 Fax: (401) 467-9943
    Website: www.ricadv.org
    Email: [email protected]

    South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault
    P.O. Box 7776
    Columbia, SC 29202
    Office: (803) 256-2900
    Website: www.sccadvasa.org

    South Dakota Coalition Ending Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault
    P.O. Box 141
    Pierre, SD 57501
    Office: (605) 945-0869
    Website: www.sdcedsv.org

    Tennessee Coalition To End Domestic & Sexual Violence
    2 International Plaza Dr. Suite 425
    Nashville, TN 37217
    Hotline: 1 (800) 356-6767
    Office: (615) 386-9406
    Website: tncoalition.org

    Texas Council on Family Violence
    P.O. Box 163865
    Austin, TX 78716
    Office: (512) 794-1133 Fax: (512) 685.6397
    Website: www.tcfv.org

    Women’s Coalition of St. Croix
    P.O. Box 222734
    Christiansted, VI 00822-2734
    Hotline: (340) 773-9272
    Fax: (340) 773-9062
    Website: www.wcstx.com
    Email: [email protected]

    Utah Domestic Violence Coalition
    205 North 400 West,
    Salt Lake City, UT 84103
    Hotline: 1 (800) 897-5465
    Office: (801) 521-5544
    Website: www.udvc.org

    Vermont Network Against Domestic & Sexual Violence
    P.O. Box 405
    Montpelier, VT 05601
    Hotline: 1 (800) 228-7395
    Office: (802) 223-1302 Fax: (802) 223-6943
    Website: www.vtnetwork.org
    Email: [email protected]

    Virginia Sexual & Domestic Violence Action Alliance
    5008 Monument Avenue, Suite A
    Richmond, VA 23230
    Office: (804) 377-0335
    Website: www.vsdvalliance.org
    Email: [email protected]

    Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence
    711 Capitol Way, Suite 702
    Olympia, WA 98501
    Hotline: 1 (800) 562-6025
    Office: (360) 586-1022 Fax: (360) 586-1024
    Website: www.wscadv.org 
    Email: [email protected]

    West Virginia Coalition Against Domestic Violence
    5004 Elk River Road, South
    Elkview, WV 25071
    Office: (304) 965-3552 Fax: (304) 965-3572
    Website: www.wvcadv.org

    Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence
    1245 E. Washington Ave, Suite 150
    Madison, WI 53703
    Office: (608) 255-0539 Fax: (608) 255-3560
    Website: endabusewi.org
    Email: [email protected]

    Wyoming Coalition Against Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault
    P.O. Box 236
    710 Garfield Street, Suite 218
    Laramie, WY 82073
    Office: (307) 755-5481 Fax: (307) 755-5482
    Website: www.wyomingdvsa.org


    ACOG Violence Against Women Department
    The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has developed tools to screen patients for intimate partner violence and sexual assault.

    Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence
    ATASK primarily serves Asian families and individuals in Massachusetts and New England who suffer from or are at risk of suffering from domestic violence.

    Battered Women’s Justice Project
    BWJP offers training, technical assistance and consultation on the most promising practices of the criminal and civil justice systems in addressing domestic violence.

    Break the Cycle
    Break the Cycle provides tools and resources to prevent and end dating abuse.

    Casa de Esperanza
    Casa de Esperanza’s mission is to mobilize Latinas and Latino communities to end domestic violence.

    Center on Domestic Violence: University of Colorado Denver
    Within the university, their goal is to end domestic violence by fostering institutional and social change through leadership development, education, research and community collaboration.

    ChildHelp runs the National Child Abuse Helpline and they can be reached 24/7 at 1-800-422-4453. They talk to people of all ages who have experienced parental abuse.

    Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence
    CAEPV is dedicated to reducing the costs and consequences of partner violence at work, and eliminating it altogether. Their site has info, materials and advice on everything from policies and programs to legal issues and legislation.

    FaithTrust Institute
    FaithTrust is a national, multifaith, multicultural training and education organization with global reach working to end sexual and domestic violence. They provide communities and advocates with the tools and knowledge they need to address the religious and cultural issues related to abuse.

    Futures Without Violence
    Futures Without Violence has led the way and set the pace for ground-breaking education programs, national policy development, professional training programs,and public actions designed to end violence against women, children and families around the world.

    Health Cares About IPV
    This site created by Futures Without Violence is an online toolkit with resources for resources for all health providers (not just physicians), as well as advocates.

    HopeLine from Verizon Wireless
    HopeLine is a collection of no-longer-used wireless phones and accessories turned them into support for domestic violence organizations nationwide.

    Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community
    IDVAAC is an organization focused on the unique circumstances of African Americans as they face issues related to domestic violence, including intimate partner violence, child abuse, elder maltreatment and community violence.

    Institute for Law and Justice
    ILJ is a private, nonprofit corporation dedicated to consulting, research, evaluation and training in criminal justice.

    Jane Doe Inc.
    Offering unparalleled leadership in Massachusetts, JDI is changing the way society views and reacts to sexual and domestic violence in ways that make communities safer.

    Joyful Heart Foundation
    JHF was founded by Law & Order SVU’s Mariska Hargitay with the intention of helping sexual assault survivors heal and reclaim a sense of joy in their lives.

    Legal Momentum
    Legal Momentum advances and protects the rights of women and girls though education, litigation and public policy. Started in 1970, they are the oldest organization of their kind.

    Legal Resource Center on Violence Against Women
    The LRC works specifically to obtain legal representation for domestic violence survivors in interstate custody cases and to provide technical assistance to domestic violence victim advocates and attorneys in such cases.

    Legal Services Corporation
    Legal Services Corporation (LSC) is an independent nonprofit established by Congress in 1974 to provide financial support for civil legal aid to low-income Americans.

    A project of the National Domestic Violence Hotline and Break the Cycle, loveisrespect is the ultimate resource fostering healthy dating attitudes and relationships, and educating about teen dating violence.

    The Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse
    MINCAVA is considered a leader in innovative violence-related education, research and Internet publishing and now coordinates four nationally and internationally renowned projects.

    National Adult Protective Services Association
    Formed in 1989, the goal of NAPSA is to provide Adult Protective Services (APS) programs a forum for sharing information, solving problems, and improving the quality of services for victims of elder and vulnerable adult mistreatment.

    National Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women
    NCDBW works with battered women who have been arrested and are facing trial, as well as those who are serving prison sentences.

    National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence
    NCDSV helps people who work with victims and perpetrators: law enforcement, criminal justice professionals, health care professionals, advocates and service providers, counselors, and social workers. They also work with local, state and federal agencies, educators, media, policymakers and more.

    The National Center for Victims of Crime
    They advocate for victims’ rights, train professionals who work with victims, and serve as a trusted source of information on victims’ issues. They’re the most comprehensive national resource committed to advancing victims’ rights and helping victims of crime rebuild their lives.

    National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild
    NIPNLG provides legal and technical support to immigrant communities, legal practitioners and all advocates seeking to advance the rights of noncitizens.

    National Network to End Violence Against Immigrant Women
    The National Network to End Violence Against Immigrant Women seeks to challenge and eliminate all forms of oppression and discrimination against immigrant women facing violence by empowering them to build better lives of their choice.

    National Runaway Safeline
    The mission of NRS is to help keep America’s runaway, homeless and at-risk youth safe and off the streets.

    The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
    The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) has worked since 1978 to make every home a safe home. NCADV works to raise awareness about domestic violence; to educate and create programming and technical assistance; to assist the public in addressing the issue; and to support those impacted by domestic violence.

    National Network to End Domestic Violence
    NNEDV offers a range of programs and initiatives to address the complex causes and far-reaching consequences of domestic violence. Through cross-sector collaborations and corporate partnerships, they give support to victims of domestic violence who are escaping abusive relationships.

    National Resource Center on Domestic Violence
    NRCDV engages, informs and supports systems, organizations, communities and individuals to build their capacity to effectively address domestic violence and intersecting issues.

    National Sexual Violence Resource Center
    NSVRC’s mission is to provide leadership in preventing and responding to sexual violence through collaboration, sharing and creating resources, and promoting research.

    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
    If you’re having thoughts of suicide or know someone who is, contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 24/7 by phone at 1-800-273-8255 and by chat.

    NO MORE is a new unifying symbol designed to galvanize greater awareness and action to end domestic violence and sexual assault.  NO MORE is supported by major organizations working to address these urgent issues.

    National Violence Against Women Prevention Research Center
    Sponsored by the CDC, NVAWPRC does research to help increase the understanding of violence against women.

    Peace Over Violence
    Peace Over Violence is a sexual and domestic violence, stalking, child abuse and youth violence prevention center headquartered in LA and dedicated to building healthy relationships, families and communities free from sexual, domestic and interpersonal violence.

    Polaris Project
    The Polaris Project is the leader in the global movement to eradicate modern slavery. They run the National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline at 1-888-373-7888.

    Prevent Connect
    Prevent Connect is a national project of the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault with funding from the CDC. Their goal is to advance the primary prevention of sexual assault and relationship violence by building a community of practice among people who are engaged in such efforts.

    Sojourner Center
    As one of the nation’s largest domestic violence shelters since 1977, the Sojourner Center is a tireless advocate for domestic violence victims and survivors.

    Soroptimist Women’s Opportunity Awards
    The Women’s Opportunity Awards program assists women who provide the primary source of financial support for their families by giving them the resources they need to improve their education, skills and employment prospects. Each year, over $1.5 million in education grants are awarded to over 1,000 women, many of whom have overcome enormous obstacles, including domestic violence.

    StrongHearts Native Helpline
    The StrongHearts Native Helpline is a culturally-appropriate, free and confidential service for Native Americans affected by domestic violence and dating violence. Speak with a StrongHearts advocate by calling 1-844-762-8483 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Central time.

    US Department of Housing and Urban Development
    HUD can assist in locating housing for low-income tenants, including senior citizens and people with disabilities.

    US Department of Justice: Office on Violence Against Women | Domestic Violence State Coalitions
    A component of the U.S. Department of Justice, they provide federal leadership in developing the nation’s capacity to reduce violence against women and administer justice for and strengthen services to victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking.

    The goal of VAWnet, the National Online Resource Center on Violence Against Women, is to use electronic communication technology to enhance efforts to prevent violence against women and intervene more effectively when it occurs. 

    A project of NNEDV, WomensLaw was launched to provide state-specific legal information and resources for survivors of domestic violence. They also provide referrals, detailed protective/restraining order information, and more, state by state.

    The YWCA is one of oldest and largest women’s organizations in the nation, serving over 2 million women, girls and their families. They can assist the homeless in finding safe places to sleep and some facilities provide domestic violence, job training and financial literary services.


    As any parent knows, it can be difficult to communicate with your teen, especially when it comes to a sensitive topic like dating violence. Perhaps you’re not quite sure what to say, or maybe your teen doesn’t seem to want to talk about it.

    Whatever stage you and your teen are going through in discussing and learning about dating violence — whether you want to teach them about healthy relationships for the future, or you’re concerned with a relationship they are currently in and want to give them advice — there are plenty of helpful resources.


    1 is 2 many
    Launched by Vice President Joe Biden, this initiative uses technology and outreach to spread knowledge about dating violence and sexual assault among teens and young adults.

    Boys Town and Your Life Your Voice
    Boys Town works to reunite children with their families when possible, or give them the skills and foundation needed to build a life on their own. They strive to help every child, “from those who may simply be struggling or in doubt to those who are in need of the most severe behavioral care.”

    A project of the National Domestic Violence Hotline and Break the Cycle, loveisrespect is the ultimate resource for advice and info on healthy dating. Its mission is to empower youth and young adults to prevent and end abusive relationships. Peer advocates can be reached 24/7 via phone, online chat, or text (“loveis” to 22522).

    National Runaway Safeline
    If you’re thinking about leaving home, or you have and are seeking information and help, the Safeline is one of the top resources for runaway, homeless, and at-risk youth and their families.

    Northwest Network
    NW Network was founded by and for LGBTQ survivors and is focused on safety, support and empowerment.

    That’s Not Cool
    “Where do you draw your digital line?” Teens can learn about dating abuse and online safety through videos, games, and downloads they can share with friends.

    A Thin Line
    A Thin Line is an MTV campaign created to empower teens to identify, respond to, and stop the spread of digital abuse.

    Trevor Project
    Trevor Project is the national crisis lifeline for LGBTQ teens and adults. They have suicide prevention services for youth in digital spaces, counseling via IM, and a large online social network for LGBTQ people.

    Inclusive, comprehesive, supportive sexuality and relationships information for teens and emerging adults.


    Break the Silence: Stop the Violence
    In “Break The Silence: Stop the Violence,” parents talk with teens about developing healthy, respectful relationships before they start dating.

    Dating Matters: Understanding Teen Dating Violence Prevention
    This 60-minute, interactive training is designed to help educators, youth-serving organizations and others working with teens understand the risk factors and warning signs associated with teen dating violence.


    The National Coalition of Anti Violence Programs
    AVP provides free and confidential assistance to thousands of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and HIV-affected (LGBTQH) people each year from all five boroughs of New York City through direct client services and community organizing and public advocacy.

    GLBTQ Domestic Violence Project
    The Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project is a grassroots, non-profit organization founded by a gay male survivor of domestic violence and developed through the strength, contributions and participation of the community.

    GLBT National Help Center
    The GLBT National Help Center runs the GLBT National Hotline (1-888-843-4564) and the GLBT National Youth Talkline for youth up to age 25 (1-800-246-7743).

    Northwest Network of Bi, Trans, Lesbian, and Gay Survivors of Abuse
    Northwest Network works to end violence and abuse by building loving and equitable relationships in communities and across the country.

    CUAV (Community United Against Violence)
    CUAV works to build the power of LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) communities to transform violence and oppression.

    The Network la Red
    The Network/La Red is a survivor-led, social justice organization that works to end partner abuse in lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, BDSM, polyamorous and queer communities.

    The Trans Lifeline
    The Trans Lifeline is dedicated to the wellbeing of transgender people. In the US call 877-565-8860. In Canada call 877-330-6366.

    Trevor Project
    The Trevor Project is the national crisis lifeline for LGBTQ teens and adults. They have suicide prevention services for youth in digital spaces, counseling via IM, and a large online social network for LGBTQ people.


Talking to Your Children About Domestic Violence
If you are a parent who is experiencing abuse in your home, it can be very difficult to address it with your children. Take a look at this page for tips and additional resources that may be helpful.

Firearms Safety Tip Sheet
In the U.S., guns are often the weapons of choice for abusers, used in over 50% of all cases of domestic violence homicides. Just the mere presence of a gun in a domestic violence situation increases the risk of fatality for women by five times. While firearms are commonly used by abusive partners to exert power and control, we know that each case is unique and warrants its own specific safety plan.

In an effort to support survivors in cases where abusive partners have access to firearms, the National Domestic Violence Hotline has developed a tip sheet with frequently asked questions to help survivors navigate their unique situations. To view and download this tip sheet, click the button below. We strongly recommend you use a safe device that your abusive partner does not have access to when downloading this tip sheet.

Download Firearms Safety Tip Sheet (pdf)

Books: General

      • Battered Wives – Del Martin
      • But I Love Him: Protecting Your Teen Daughter from Controlling, Abusive Dating Relationships – Jill Murray
      • Chain Chain Change: For Black Women in Abusive Relationships – Evelyn C. White
      • Getting Free: A Handbook for Women in Abusive Relationships – Ginny NiCarthy
      • Police Wife: The Secret Epidemic of Police Domestic Violence – Susanna Hope, Alex Roslin
      • I Love a Firefighter: What the Family Needs to Know – Ellen Kirschman
      • In Love and In Danger – Barrie Levy
      • Mejor Sola Que Mal Acompanada: For the Latina in an Abusive Relationship – Myrna Zambrano
      • Naming the Violence: Speaking Out About Lesbian Battering – Kerry Lobel
      • Saving Beauty from the Beast – Vicki Crompton & Ellen Zelda Kessner
      • Surviving a Stalker: Everything You Need to Know to Keep Yourself Safe – Linden Gross
      • The Batterer as Parent: Addressing the Impact of Domestic Violence on Family Relationships – Lundy Bancroft
      • The Verbally Abusive Relationship: How to Recognize It and How to Respond – Patricia Evans
      • When Love Goes Wrong: What to Do When You Can’t Do Anything Right – Ann Jones & Susan Schechter
      • When Violence Begins at Home: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding and Ending Domestic Abuse – J.Wilson
      • Why Does He Do That? Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men – Lundy Bancroft
      • Woman To Woman Sexual Violence: Does She Call It Rape? – Lori Girshick

Books: Life After Abuse

      • Healing the Trauma of Domestic Violence: A Workbook for Women – Mari McCaig & Edward S. Kubany
      • It’s My Life Now: Starting Over After an Abusive Relationship or Domestic Violence – Meg Kennedy Dugan & Roger R. Hock
      • The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are – Brené Brown
      • When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times – Pema Chödrön
      • When Dad Hurts Mom: Helping Your Children Heal the Wounds of Witnessing Abuse – Lundy Bancroft



The following videos do not represent endorsements by The Hotline. We’ve included a variety of videos related to domestic violence and healthy relationships that we hope will be interesting, useful resources for you.



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