Jane’s Story

My story begins when I was 21 years old. I met a guy that seemed to be a good man. He was very friendly, which for me was the most important thing to have in a relationship.

We met in September and by the following January, we were living together. The abuse began immediately, he became very jealous and accused me of cheating on him with another man. I did not understand why he was treating me that way.

By the end of the month, I was pregnant and my baby was born in late October. I thought that my being pregnant would change him, but that was not the case, everything remained the same. The abuse continued. Every time he hit me, I would leave and go to my sister’s or my mother’s house.

I left him many times, but I always returned to be by his side.

Then one night in October, shortly after my daughter was born, he became very violent and kicked the crib. Fortunately, the baby was not in the crib. At that moment I began thinking: What would have happened if my baby had been in the crib? I became so scared. That was when I made my final decision to leave him. I left so that he could not continue to hurt me or begin to hurt my daughter. I did not want her to live in a violent home and suffer the consequences.

When I made my decision, my family was very understanding. They helped me by giving me support.

I left him, but this time it was forever. Now my daughter is 13 years old and I no longer have any contact with her father.


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