Domestic Violence Awareness Month

First observed in October 1981 as a national “Day of Unity,” Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) is held each October as a way to unite advocates across the nation in their efforts to end domestic violence.

Communities and advocacy organizations across the country connect with the public and one another throughout the month to raise awareness about the signs of abuse and ways to stop it, and to uplift survivor stories and provide additional resources to leaders and policymakers.

February of each year also marks Teen Domestic Violence Awareness Month (TDVAM), an annual observation raising awareness about the specific ways that abuse impacts teen dating relationships. Learn more about TDVAM at


DVAM is a chance for anyone and everyone to unite in the work to end domestic violence. We invite advocates, loved ones, supporters, and political leaders to join together in solidarity to listen to and uplift survivors directly. With so many people speaking in a unified voice throughout October, we can raise our collective awareness about domestic violence to end abuse for good.

How to get involved

Everyone can help raise awareness about domestic violence (and not just in October). We recognize the power that each of us has in making a difference and will work to support you in becoming your best advocate.

This year, we’re participating in the #1Thing campaign aimed at meeting people where they’re at. We know that change can start with just one thing. By doing #1Thing to raise awareness about domestic violence, we can all work together to create real social change.

Use #1Thing on social media to show us what you’re doing to end domestic violence. Don’t forget to tag us and follow The Hotline on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube!