Poem: A Daughter’s Perspective Survivor Speak

By Tre Wharton

The door shuts

Like the eyes of the giant

That torment her sleep.

She listens anxiously as his steps

Fade down the tenement hallway.

Never before has she felt

This exhausted.

Never again will she feel

this relieved.


Mama don’t you worry, she says,

as she barges into her mother’s bedroom,

He’s gone for good this time.

Yeah, I know, Mama says,

As the tears run down her face

Into the tenement hallway.


Tre Wharton is a 28-year-old poet from Southern California. At the very young age of five is when Tre first witnessed domestic violence by the hand of his stepfather. As an escape from the problems at home, he gravitated towards creative things like music and writing. Now, as an adult, he is very passionate about using his gifts to spread awareness about domestic violence.  “A Daughter’s Perspective” is from his new book Grown Folk Business, a collection of poems that give readers insight about spousal abuse and the effects it has on the children who witness it.  The book can be found here:  https://amzn.com/B01M06D23R. Tre is now married to the love of his life, and they have two children together.