Emotional Safety Planning

Emphasis is often placed on planning around physical safety, but do not consider their emotional wellbeing when they create a safety plan. Emotional safety looks different for different people, but planning for your emotional safety is ultimately about developing a personalized plan that helps you feel accepting of your emotions and decisions when dealing with abuse.

Emotional safety planning will also build resilience to help you deal with the impact of abuse. Here are some steps you can take to help create and maintain an emotional safety plan that works for you:

  • Seek out supportive people. A caring presence such as a trusted friend or family member can help create a calm atmosphere to think through difficult situations and discuss potential options.
  • Identify and work towards achievable goals. Achievable goals can be as simple as calling a local resource to see what services are available in your area, or talking to one of our advocates at The Hotline. Remember that you don’t have to do anything you aren’t comfortable with, but taking small steps can help options feel more possible when you’re ready.
  • Create a peaceful space for yourself. Designating a physical place where your mind can relax and feel safe can help you work through the difficult emotions that arise when dealing with abuse. This can be a room in your house, a spot under your favorite tree, a comfy chair by a window, or in a room with low lighting.
  • Remind yourself of your inherent value. You are special and important, and recognizing and reminding yourself of this reality is important for your emotional health. It’s never your fault when someone chooses to be abusive to you, and their actions are no reflection of the great value you have as a person.
  • Remember that you deserve to be kind to yourself. Take time every day to practice self-care, even if only for a few minutes, in order to establish space for peace and emotional safety in your life. It’s healthy and recommended to give yourself breaks from the stressors in your life, to the extent that you’re able to. Little moments like these can go a long way in helping you think more clearly and make informed decisions.

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