Believe It or Not, Coloring is Therapeutic! Survivor Speaks

By Dana C. Love

twelve sharpened colored pencils

When I felt no one could understand what I was going through, and I felt alone during the difficult times in my life, coloring helped me to cope and to heal. I’ve experienced childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence. I’ve had to have surgery to repair my brokenness. I endured the loss of my father to suicide, job loss, and experienced sexual harassment on the job. I did not enjoy any of this, nor did I ask for any of these things to happen to me.

My experiences span the timeframe from a child to an adult and so the fact that I can relate on both levels is a blessing because while I may never have an answer for why I endured mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical abuse, I did overcome. Now, I am passionate about helping both adults and children to overcome their difficult times as well.

My dream is that sharing this coloring book and what coloring and being creative has meant to me will somehow assist you on your journey towards healing. It worked for me!


As a child, author Dana C. Love was lovingly taught by her mother how to color pages in her coloring books. She was taught to stay within the lines, color in the same direction, and allow her imagination to run wild and have fun. This skill would serve the author well through her life’s journey.

Dana resides in Arkansas. She is an only child and mother of two. Her passions include coloring, interior and exterior decorating, paint by stickering, staging her home with decor, reading, doodling, and laughing out loud (literally).