Hope Is On The Line at The Bedens Brook Club

The first step on the journey away from relationship abuse is towards hope. Thank you for joining a community of donors across the country who are keeping hope on the line. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday, May 15, 2022 at The Bedens Brook Club.

Event Chairs

Sandra Cespedes Allen, Olive Coghlan, and Philip Wey

Event Schedule

5:00 pm Cocktail Buffet Reception


Answer the Call Sponsors

  • Sandra Cespedes Allen and Paul Allen
  • Kathleen and Jay Biggins
  • Olive and David Coghlan
  • Joe and Kate Riley
  • Philip Wey

Advocate Sponsors

  • Bob and Mary Ellen Darretta
  • Tracy and Daniel Dart

Circle of Support Sponsors

  • Meg and Tom Gorrie
  • Peter and Katherine Mittnacht
  • Michael Nissan
  • Susie and Steve Paneyko
  • Judith Sarvary
  • Sondra Scott and Marco Sacchi
  • Scott and Tracy Sipprelle
  • Louise and John Wellemeyer

Donors from Florida: The Hotline’s registration # is CH36499. A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Division of Consumer Services by calling toll-free within the state. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the state. 1-800-HELP-FLA (435-7352) www.FloridaConsumerHelp.com