Strategic Plan
What we’re planning next.

In May 2018, we embarked on a strategic planning process to determine the future direction of our organization and set strategic priorities for the next three years.

The main objective of the process was to review and update The Hotline’s previous strategic plan (completed in May 2016) and to develop new strategies aligned with our current vision and operational model, including plans for interconnected actions to advance the mission’s fulfillment.

In developing The Hotline’s strategic direction, we sought a plan that would:

  • Create momentum and achieve strategic clarity.
  • Attract deeper funding and determine resource implications.
  • Filter future decisions and set strategic priorities.
  • Be a management, implementation, and performance measurement tool.
  • Allow The Hotline to maximize our impact.

Our strategic plan recognizes and responds to the urgent needs of survivors today by building upon what we know from two and a half decades of support, advocacy, and education.

Planning process

The Hotline engaged the services of Barretto Consulting LLC to facilitate the formal strategic planning process carried out over eight months through meetings between Barretto Consulting and members of The Hotline’s Executive Leadership team, the Strategic Planning Committee formed for this purpose, and the board of directors.

Initial interviews with key members of our Executive Leadership team and board of directors identified crucial issues and opportunities facing the organization in order to develop an agenda for a strategic planning retreat. Barretto Consulting also spent this time reviewing materials including mission and vision statements, program descriptions, literature, relevant audits and financial reports, and other documents to gain insight into The Hotline’s operations and capacity.

In May 2018, Barretto Consulting facilitated a two-day strategic planning retreat with members of the Executive Leadership team and the Strategic Planning Committee in Austin, TX. The meeting provided an overview of the strategic planning process, revisited and reaffirmed the organization’s mission and vision, and determined priority areas and key strategic questions for The Hotline’s future.