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  1. So my dad buss me when I get in trouble also with greades I don’t know what to do if he gets in trouble hell leave and say u don’t have a dad to take care o you anymore

  2. Just know you are special.. you are loved… and you. As long as you love yourself in a healthy way and always strive to do your best you will be happy. Try to be the best version of yourself.. sometimes school is hard and it’s hard to make grades but if you take care of yourself by eating right, going to bed to get plenty of rest.. listening to your teacher and doing your homework it will help you in life and now.. hopefully your dad will see you are hurting from his words. Sometimes as parents we dont choose the right words it doenst mens we dont love you.. but he should never make you feel like he isnt going to take care of you or love you. If he is not taking care of you feeding you, clothingyou, helping you with homework or to and fromschool, not helping you get clean every day and making sure you have a house to live in with electricity and water that’s not good
    If he ever hurts you with mean words every day or hits, punches or kicks harms you in any way to make you hurt or scared please talk to someone like a teacher or family that wont tell him you spoke to them. Make sure you are safe and know you are loved and life is wonderful and has so much to offer when you are able to be the best you can be. Good luck sweetie. I pray for your safety and that you go far in life and are loved and protected.

  3. my mom is abusive and desperate every time when I’m not doing any to make her mad she gets mad at me and try to make a convincible lie of why she takes things away from me and say that I’m lying when I’m not but then she says to not call her a liar but when i talk to my sis boyfriend he tells me what she really said and why she did it but when my mom tells me she doesn’t say anything about the topic cause rn she already took my console and is about to take my computer what do i do

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