Spread The Love on Valentine’s Day

Spread The Love on Valentine’s Day

It’s here! We’ve officially launched our #LoveBetter video and we need your help! Everyone deserves healthy relationships. Help us show the world what it really means to #LoveBetter this Valentine’s Day by sharing this video on social media and tagging others to do the same.

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  1. There.is .no excuse. for any. kind of .abuse I’ve seen it all and it don’t stop. If kids. See it they. Thinks it’s ok if nothing is done about or let.it.happen.

  2. Thank you for making this video. It brought tears to my eyes because I was raised to equate love with violence. My mother told me, after severe beatings from my dad, “no one will ever love you like your dad and me”. So, I grew up and married a violent and cruel man who also told me he loved me. Thank God, I woke up to what was happening and got out with my two little children. That was twenty years ago and I have a happy and abuse-free life that I wouldn’t trade for anything!

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