DVAM Challenge 19: Think Ahead

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

DVAM Challenge 19: Think Ahead

Today is our second-to-last DVAM Challenge. We hope this October has been a chance of reflection and motivation for you. We hope it has been an important time of awareness for survivors, victims and advocates alike. For friends and family, we hope that you were encouraged to provide support to a loved one experiencing domestic violence. Thank you for taking this journey with us.

Change takes time. It requires that we continually renew our commitment in order to keep our goals on course. With this in mind, we challenge you to plan to stay involved with this issue. Challenge 19 — mark a few days on your calendar, months in the future, with a DVAM-related message. You could select days on which you’d like to volunteer at a local shelter. You could set reminders to reach out to a certain friend who you know is experiencing a rough time. You could mark days on which you’d like to return to our website and evaluate your relationship. You could simply write an encouraging message to yourself on your calendar to remind you that you are worthy of a good relationship.

Please share in the comments below how you are completing this challenge.

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