DVAM Challenge 10: Take a Stand

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

DVAM Challenge 10: Take a Stand

Our DVAM Challenge is just part of a nationwide effort to unite efforts in ending domestic violence. This week’s theme is “Take a Stand!” To inspire you to make a commitment to ending violence, here are some ideas from organizations, companies and communities participating in DVAM.

Purple Light Night
The Covington Domestic Violence Task Force in Washington encourages residents in their county to exchange the white light bulbs on their front porches for purple bulbs during the month of October. This campaign, called Purple Light Nights, aims to have all residents shine purple light to show that domestic violence has no place in their community. This campaign started locally but soon spread to a global campaign in 23 states, Canada, and Guam. Purple light bulbs are available at most home stores and cost only around $5, so participating in a Purple Light Night is an impactful but inexpensive way to raise awareness of domestic violence.

Flowers on the Lake
Calcasieu Women’s Shelter in Lake Charles, La. hosts an event every October to honor those who have lost their lives to domestic violence. Attendees place flowers into the lake in memory of their loved ones, sing songs and read meaningful poems. Getting together with people you know to memorialize victims of domestic violence is a beautiful way to honor DVAM.

Donate Your Used Cell Phone
Verizon Wireless has shown a longtime commitment to ending domestic violence. In tomorrow’s post, we’ll be highlighting their special bus tour, Journey of Hope. One program you could get involved with is HopeLine by Verizon. This program takes donated cell phones, refurbishes them and then gives them to domestic violence survivors to help them rebuild their lives. Wireless phones can serve as a vital link to emergency and support services and as a reliable connection to employers, family and friends. Phones from all carriers are accepted by HopeLine, so visit the Verizon website to find out how to donate your old device when you decide to upgrade.

Share Information with your Community
Several Texas high schools have partnered with their local sheriff’s department to spread awareness during DVAM. During games, football teams will wear purple stickers on their helmets to support healthy relationships. Games will also feature announcements about domestic violence and information will be passed out to spectators during the game. You too can make a difference by wearing purple. Pin a small ribbon to your shirt and when people ask what it’s for tell them about domestic violence and DVAM.

Decorate Your Home with Purple
Liberty House, a domestic violence program in Georgia, encourages their townspeople to decorate their businesses, doors and mailboxes with purple ribbons to raise awareness. Decorate your house with purple and encourage your neighbors to do the same by sharing domestic violence information with them.

DVAM Challenge 10: for today’s challenge, introduce a purple item to your home or office. We encourage you to pick up a purple lightbulb, tie a purple ribbon to your door or print a purple sign for your space. Please share with us how you are incorporating purple to your space. When someone asks you about the item, be sure to inform them that it is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. If you’d like, you can email a picture to us at [email protected]

(Preview for tomorrow’s challenge: wear purple! Plan your outfit accordingly)

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  1. My name is nellie. I dont know where to start? My husband and i have been married for over 20 years now we seperated in 2010 and got back together one year later. I thought things would have changed i mean im no saint but partly because of how he makes me feel. I mean how many times can you be called a whore before you just cant take it anymor? Im accused of going on dating sites when im not. One example was on facebook one of my friend had some kind of page on my wall i know if u like then yhen ur subscribed i didnt want to so i clicked unlike but because of that it sent me to the website zoosk i dint even look into it i unlike it but because i wasnt think anything malicious i never deleted history. My hueband somehow how such a hold on every single thing i do that he found out and now is acusing me. God why? When he can clearly check he wont see me there. I tried suicide in january 2011 i felt alone manipulated we were seperated going on divorce he went to bars had girlfriends and etc i never stopped him knor did ever followed him but only two.times i ever had anyone over he was there he lived across town. He just ended up.sending me text messages calling me a whore i dont even know how many time’s i feel so worthless and ugly i feel like ending this pain i cant stand it anymore im not doing anything he sais i am i dont know where to run away to this is so hard because i love him so much but i cant be this doormat anymore

  2. Nellie,
    Thank you for sharing your story with our blog community. From what you’ve shared, it sounds like your husband is very emotionally and verbally abusive. It’s not normal for him to constantly accuse you of doing things you’re not doing, or to check what you do on the internet or your phone. The accusations are part of his control in this relationship. If you’d like to talk to someone about what’s going on, you are welcome to call and speak with an advocate here on the National Domestic Violence Hotline. We are a safe place to talk about it. It sounds like this abuse has caused you a lot of pain, and that you could use some support. We’re available at 1-800-799-7233, and we’re anonymous and confidential. Give us a call.


  3. Nellie, I know how you are feeling but you need to know that you are worth more than that, what your husband is doing isn’t right. He is being verbally and mentally abusive. This is how my ex husband was with me I knew I wasn’t doing anything wrong and yet everytime he would accuse me I would give him this look like where the heck are you coming up with these accusations. I didn’t know it then but as a strong person that I was I aloowed him to talk to me that way to avoid any argument..I found out later that all this ever did was give him power and control to treat me and manipulate everything he could towards me. These words later turned into physical abuse and through it all I kept telling him I loved him because he would always tell.me I didn’t. I would cry trying to prove my love to him I wanted hum to know he was the only one I wanted to be with. One day I woke up and told myself I didn’t deserve to be called names as well as abused physically I was worth more than that as a person. I lost all the confidence and self esteem in myself and no one had ever ever made me feel this way. What im trying to tell you is that no matter how much you say you love him, he will never change for the better but may continue to change for the worse because he now has control of your emotions and knows that you won’t go anywhere. But look at who you were before you became dependent emotionally on him, I’m sure you were strong before. My ex would literally check my emails, the phone records and highlight the numbers I spoke to the longest or a number he didn’t recognize, he also would see if I was staring at any guy whenever we went anywhere, at work he would tell me I needed to tell certain ppl to stop looking or playing around with me…he would call me a whore,slut, bitch and tell my kids I didn’t love daddy anymore because I was cheating on him. I have three boys the last thing I wanted was for my children to believe this was a way to treat women. You need to talk to a counselor and rebuild your confidence as well as your self esteem before it gets harder for you to leave.

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