Will You Commit to Our DVAM Challenges?

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Will You Commit to Our DVAM Challenges?

October marks Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It’s a chance for everyone in the movement – victims, survivors, advocates, law enforcement, supporters and politicians – to unite in our work to end abuse.

Working to end domestic violence is a daunting task. There are times where it seems like we’re trying to achieve the impossible. How can we successfully empower everyone to have a healthy relationship? While our task can feel overwhelming at times, we keep going. That’s because we recognize the power that each one of us has in making a different for someone. At The Hotline, every call is a chance for healing and change.

This year we’re launching a special DVAM campaign that EVERYONE can be involved in. For 20 days in October, we’ve developed special challenges. We want you to complete these challenges and share your achievement with us. By taking our daily challenges, you’re saying that TODAY you are taking a step towards ending domestic violence.

We will be using this blog and our Facebook/Twitter accounts as we go through this month. Every Friday starting on October 12, we will dedicate our blog to celebrating what our users are doing in their own communities.

Please join us and make this October one of powerful change for you and all who work to end domestic violence.

CHALLENGE 1: Commit to our DVAM challenge. Do one of the following:

– Share a link to this blog post to someone via email or social media
– Share our challenge image (download here) and encourage your friends to join
– Declare boldy, “I am taking The Hotline DVAM   Challenge!” on Facebook or Twitter

PLEASE NOTE: If you are in an abusive relationship, please do not post anything publicly that might jeopardize your safety.


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  1. Still so many people that need to learn more about domestic violence and healthy relationships! DV is not ok! Let’s all get involved this Oct for domestic violence month

  2. I am on board…always have been. We should all get involved, not just for October but for every day of the year.

  3. I’ve been wanting to volunteer or help spread awareness in some way and this is a great start! Break the Cycle!!!!

  4. As a survivor of DV and only being out of it for a year I am still suffering from the PTSD that DV can cause. I am so happy their are things like this out here to help people who don’t know where to go or how to get out. I had no idea what to do and now that I have been out of it for a year I can’t believe how much DV can change your life. I hope this challenge gives people hope that fellow survivors are out here and we want to help anyway we can:) It does get better!!!!

  5. My daughter and I are SURVIVORS of psychological abuse. I always do whatever I can to help others in this siuation. It needs to end and there needs to be stricter and tougher laws and regulations regarding DV!
    Victims need to know there is help available!!

    I am in to help people learn more, including those that do not understand the effects of DV.

  6. I am a survivor of a 4 year long abusive relationship, right out of high school. Both physical and psychological. Publishing this on my social networks is just another step Im taking to heal. I like knowing I’m not alone. Thankyou.

  7. Tomorrow will be my one year anniversary of leaving my abusive husband. I am also still dealing with the ptsd and getting counseling. There is a real lack of help and understanding about DV and women with disabilities. I am hoping to change that in some way since I myself am blind and found help sometimes hard to come by.

  8. I, myself, am a survivor of emotional and psychological abuse. Ive been divorced from my ex for almost 5 years now and am still having episodes where he still treats me the same. i have taken meds for the anxiety from all the years of mistreatment. unfortunately now that im divorced from him he is now taking it out on our son. he has been in therapy every week for almost a year now and i will continue to have him go the help with his mental anguish. he threatened suicide this year which is why i have custody of him now. the physical (which has been very limited) doesnt even compare to any of the emotional and psychological. im still trying to protect my children.

  9. Andrea,
    I’m so sorry to hear about the pain you and your son have been through and are continuing to experience. The traumatic effects of intimate partner violence can be present long after leaving the situation and it is very common for abusors to use child custody as a way to continue to maintain control after the relationship has ended. While I am glad you were able to get out of the situation safely, I know that the struggle does not end there. Advocates are here at the hotline (800-799-7233) are available 24/7 to offer you emotional support and guidance. We encourage you to continue to use our blog as a forum to offer support to others in addition to sharing your story.

    Take Care,

  10. Im posting this to a new advocacy group on FB Called Justice for Shelby. She was a 20 year old beautiful, kind hearted girl who was murdered by her boyfriend just 2 weeks ago in an extreme act of domestic violence. Even though Oct is over, I’m hoping to see the challenge go on in November with this group because her family is using the tragedy to help others out there become aware and find help to prevent domestic violence. Thank y’all for giving us this resource.

  11. I am a survivor and i am donating my time to talk to the community,to show them there is a way out .your not alone we stand together,the more information people know about his the better.we can help each other,at times people tell me why do you counsel people if your not getting paid for it,i reply i am i saved a life.

  12. The Dr Phil Show brought me here today. I am a survivor of DV and almost lost my life 20 years ago. Today I’m about to graduate from college and am currently doing an internship with the local domestic viloence agency in my area. It is imperative for all of us to take a stand against DV and reach out to help those who can’t help themselves! I’m amazed at how far I’ve come by the grace of God….I could be dead, but I’m one of the fortunate ones. Anyone out there in an abusive relationship, please reach out to your local agencies for help because we care for you….honestly! Remember, you are precious and deserve to be loved and respected. You deserve to live!!

  13. Julie,
    Thank you very much for sharing your story.It is wonderful to know that you are now a survivor and no longer a victim!

  14. I agree, This violence needs to end. It’s sad and inhuman. I have been a victim and got help and I am so glade to have that behind me.

  15. Hello. I was a DAV for years finally after 24+ yrs he made things easier for me to leave , I agree Domestic Abuse isn’t a month thing I believe the violence is being here from time to time and if we all have the same Goal to End it , at least the Domestic Violance will be less every day! Lets do our part! Thanks God that has better things for Us !!

  16. Ana,

    Thanks for sharing with our blog community and for making the commitment to raise awareness on domestic violence.

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