Citi Employees’ Recycled Phones Help Domestic Violence Victims

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Citi Employees’ Recycled Phones Help Domestic Violence Victims

We are incredibly grateful for the support we’ve received from Citi and Verizon Wireless. We wanted to share this article written by Irene Blake, Coordinator of Citi’s US “Wireless Drop-Off” to share their impressive support of The Hotline. The picture shows The Hotline Advocates giving thanks.

Citi holds a drive each year to gather and donate wireless devices our employees no longer need. The drive is an important component of our Sustainable Technology program, and combines Citi’s commitment to responsible asset management through recycling with our passion for active involvement in the communities where we work and live.

In 2011, our US employees collected more than 2,500 no-longer-used wireless devices. We wanted not only to keep them out of landfills, but also to give them new life while helping those in need. We worked with HopeLine® from Verizon  to have our “data-scrubbed” devices recycled and disposed of under a zero-landfill policy.

Even more importantly, Citi and Verizon Wireless are turning these donations into support for domestic violence victims. Our donated devices are being put to work in the community through a $10,000 grant awarded to the National Domestic Violence Hotline (NDVH). This grant will aid NDVH in its mission to provide support to domestic violence victims through advocacy, safety planning, resources and most importantly hope.

Now in its sixth year, Citi’s “Wireless Drop-Off” is one of the ways we are working to promote environmental and social sustainability. To date, we have recycled more than 15,000 mobile devices through this program and donated $76,000 to non-profit agencies that work to combat domestic violence.

For more information on HopeLine from Verizon, visit www.verizonwireless.com/hopeline. Learn more about Citi’s environmental and social responsibility efforts here.

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  1. I have a almost 18 yr old son that has over the years that has hit me threatin me and the last incounter was a week ago today . I went to the police dept in my town and they wrote him up and issue a cititan for me to give to him which I have not because I did not want to add more fuel to the fire . My rights I feel have been violatied. What can be done on this .

  2. Carol,
    I’m so sorry to hear about the problems you’ve been having with your son. It sounds like a really difficult position to be in. Our hotline mainly deals with intimate partner violence, but we would be happy to talk to you about what is going on with your son and help you safety plan in case of future incidents. We’re available 24/7 at 800-799-7233. Unfortunately, our advocates are not legally trained but we’d be happy to refer you to local programs that offer legal help. In addition, another hotline that is helpful for problems with families and children is the Boys Town National Hotline (800-448-3000). They are available 24/7 and can offer support and resources for parents needing assistance.

    Take care,

  3. I am a wife of an emotional-abuser, We have been together for 35+ yrs. My husband is 64yrs. old with a duel diagnoses of depression and addiction. His drinking is out of control, and his depression is the worst its ever been. I feel helpless, and hopeless. He refuses any kind of help . I work in my home as a childcare provider. and have had 25yrs of successfull business. Now He is Sooo bad I’m ready to leave him. But everything we have worked for will be gone.I have no legal rights in my home such as “hostile work enviroment , Or verbal abuse, which in the state of Oregon is only a civil matter. Unless I fear for my life! And my sanity doesn’t mean anything with law enforcement! True! He needs treatment for alcohol- and depression. and ofcourse an INTERVENTION…wHAT HELP IS AVAILABLE? HE IS ON MEDICARE. i CAN’T EVEN LEAVE HIM AT HOME ALONE FOR 24HR. HE IS NOT EVEN RESPONSIBLE FOR CLEANING HIS DAILY HYGENE NEEDS. LET ALONE TO FEED OUR DOGS AND CAT.

  4. Sharon,
    It sounds like you are in a very difficult situation where you feel you have to choose between your own needs and the needs of your husband. I’m glad to hear you are ready to leave the situation but understand your apprehension. Most of the resources in our database are domestic violence related, so if you’d like to call and talk about finding somewhere to get some counseling or legal services we be happy to refer you (800-799-7233). In regards to your husband’s drinking problem, there is another hotline that is operated 24/7 called the National Clearinghouse for Drug and Alcohol Information (800-729-6686). They can offer you referrals to programs in your area, but remember- you can’t force someone to get help. Please take care of yourself and call our number if you need any support.

    Good luck,

  5. Hello.I was with my husband for 17 years. He did break bones, strangle me, and controlled me so much I couldnt wear clothes I wanted, talk to people, if I worked he controlled my money, my name was never on any property, he made me walk behind and never smile or look men in the eye. It goes further, but I’ll stop there. Anyway, a year ago, after 17 years of marriage, raising our 4 children as a stay at home mother (99% of the marriage I was a SAHM), home schooling them, even being a full time nurse to our youngest who was diagnosed at age 3 with Type 1 Diabetes (needing round the clock care which I alone gave), he threw me out and started divorce proceedings. I was homeless for a while, without a vehicle, walked everywhere I had to go. He ended up winning full custody of our children, I have to actually pay HIM $437 a month in child support every month, the car I was awarded in the divorce doesnt run and has a smashed windshield, and I only am allowed to see my children one day (a total of 8 hours) every month. I cant pay him the full amount of child support because Im destitute (I work full time for minimum wage, make barely enough to pay the payment on the travel trailer I now live in, still need food stamps thanks to the child support debt), so my ex signed the paper before a judge for me to be arrested for nonpayment. He ruined my teaching career with defamation so I cant get a job that would allow me to pay the child support AND live at the same time. I feel victimized by the justice system, and worst of all my children still live under that mans roof, and my exhusband has cu off communication between them and me, and I’m sure he trashes me to them so when I do manage to find a way to speak to them, they think I’m the enemy. They are 19, 16, 13, and 11, and I work and save whatever pennies I can to one day make a home for them so they can feel freedom and know what real love is. I wrote a book those first few months, as I grieved the loss of my children and felt the gammet of emotions that came with emotional and physical healing. I will probably spend years healing. I still go through cycles of grieving. Sometimes I’m OK, but there are still days, nights, when I cry thinking of my children, thinking of how I shouldve left when they were babies. Thinking how he never abused them, just me, and never knowing why. My exhusband convinced me that I was worthless, didnt deserve to breathe oxygen, and he hit me when no one was around, and was (and still is) an upstanding, Christian member of society that everyone goes to for advice, help, and all the while, ignorant of his true nature. He loaded with money, yet I have to pay him when I can barely support myself. I walk to and from work every day, and I am TIRED. I’m 42 years old!! Never mind….. all I’m saying is, IF I CAN DO THIS – I was able to get out – YOU CAN TOO!!!!! If your husband scares you into staying in the marriage by saying he will keep your kids if you leave believe him!!!!! Mine used that tactic for almost 2 decades, and he was true to his word. DONT GIVE HIM THAT CHANCE. LEAVE NOW.

  6. Hi BlackBirdRising,

    Thank you for sharing your story with our Share You Voice Blog community. You have clearly been through a lot and you have a very powerful story. No one deserves to have to go through what you have experienced. Unfortunately abusers are often very charismatic and use that to trick and manipulate others. I am glad that you were able to get out safely. If you would like to call for support at any time, you can always contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline to talk at 1-800-799-7233. An advocate may also be able to get you connected with local resources for counseling or other types of support if you feel that would be helpful as you cope with everything you’ve experienced. You’re children are lucky to have a mother who is so loving, caring and thoughtful and who is working so hard to prepare a home for them.

    Thank you again for sharing a part of your story,


  7. Sharon,
    We did receive your video and due to confidentiality and safety concerns, we are not able to keep it up here. It takes a lot of strength to reach out for help, and i’m really glad you contact us here. You never deserve to be treated that way, and I am so sorry you’ve had to endure that much awful emotional and physical violence. If you’d like to talk to someone about what’s going on, you are always welcome to contact an advocate here at The National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233. We are anonymous and confidential, and are available 24/7. We are always available and are a safe place to talk about it.


  8. Hi, My name is Dawn. I was a victim of domestic abuse 2 days ago. I have a terrible sinus infection and was punched in the mouth because my abuser accused me of “spitting in his face”. In all actuality…I sneezed near him. I just want EVERYONE TO KNOW who HE is.
    Thanks for your time. Have a GREAT day!!! Dawn

  9. Dawn,
    Thank you for contacting the Share Your Voice blog. Due to safety concerns, we had to remove the identifying information from your post. From what you’ve shared, it sounds like there is abuse in your relationship, emotionally and physically. No one ever has the right to put their hands on you. If you’d like to talk to someone about what’s going on, you are always welcome to call and speak with an advocate here at the National Domestic Violence Hotline. We are 24/7 and are completely anonymous and confidential. You can reach us at 1-800-799-7233.


  10. I would like to start off by saying, my heart goes out to every abused person out there .I have been where you are and I can tell you it’s not an easy road to travel.I was in not one but two physically abusive as well as mental abuse relationships and you tell yourself you are staying for the kids or my favorite is “I know he will change”this is my favorite because I used it quite often. Then after broken bones in my back and lots of other injuries,I met a very special person who gave me a way out and showed me that I was in control.That was 14 years ago I was young and had 4 children to care for.I moved away and started a life full of happiness with my children. In my opinion an abuser will never stop it only gets worse,If you are being abused please take the steps to get help,there are people out there willing to help. God Bless you all. Stay Safe!

  11. Teri,
    Thank you for sharing your inspirational story with our blog community. We think it is really important and helpful for victims to hear about people who have escaped abuse and are living a happy, healthy lifestyle. It shows that it is possible to go through intimate partner violence and get out long enough to put your life back together. Please keep inspiring and supporting others, Teri! Your story is one that gives hope to many.

    Take care,

  12. Okay. I was physically and emotionally abused by my ex boyfriend a little over a year ago. After a year and four months of being punched choked, having my head slammed on walls, once he even shoved my face into broken glass. I had finally realized enough was enough. I couldnt do it anymore. To everyone thats being abused i know its hard, but you deserve so much better. I still have flash backs and night mares. But i learned from it, and one day I want to help everyone thats going through what I went through, Just remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

  13. Alyssa,

    Thank you for posting in our Share Your Voice Blog community. You are so right when you say that those who are being abused deserve so much better. I am glad to read that you were able to get out of that abusive relationship safely. Thank you for taking the time to post a part of your story and offer support to others. Know that if you ever need support you are welcome to call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233.


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