The Giving Society

The 24/7/365 Society provides special acknowledgement to those who support The Hotline through consecutive annual giving. Ongoing annual support by consecutive donors strengthens our ability to create and sustain innovative programs, launch outreach initiatives, provide educational opportunities and perform groundbreaking research.

Membership is a public declaration of support for a world of healthy relationships

The goal of the 24/7/365 Society is to encourage consecutive years of participation in giving to the hotline in a way that allows us to know what revenue we can count on for budgeting and programmatic purposes. Your gift sustainably supports victims, their friends and families as well as allows us to proactively help young people develop healthy and safe relationships.

The 24/7/365 Society was established in 2013 to give our supporters all over the country an opportunity to stand with those who answer the lines. Just as we answer calls 24/7/365, our donors and supporters give their support to our callers every day through their commitment and gifts.

Donors will qualify for membership as a founding member of the 24/7/365 Society upon the receipt of their three year pledge in writing or online. Membership is maintained as long as the donor makes at least one gift of, or multiple gifts, that equal $1,000 or more each year.

Information for Incoming Members



Membership is based on the total of gifts, pledge payments, and matching gifts received in a single calendar year. Unpaid pledges are not included.



Couples are recognized for the combined total of their contributions.


Once achieved, membership in the Consecutive Society will continue until a calendar year passes in which the member does not make a gift to the society that equals or exceeds $1,000. Former members can rejoin the Society with a renewed pledge and first gift.

More Information

If you would like more information, please contact:

Kristin DeLong Campbell
Chief Development Officer
National Domestic Violence Hotline
(512) 685-6212

Meet Our Inaugural Members

Bridgette Rodriguez

“I donate so that all victims/survivors — both female and male — will have a caring person and trusted advisor who is just one phone call and/or text away.”

Bridgette Rodriguez24/7/365 Society Founding Member
Mary Susan Gallien Clinton

“Everyday in the US, more than three women are murdered by their intimate partner.  No person should live in nervous fear.  I support the hotline so no call  for help will go unanswered due to lack of funding.”

Mary Susan Gallien ClintonBoard of Directors, 24/7/365 Society Founding Member
Dyanne Purcell
Dyanne Purcell24/7/365 Society Founding Member
Katie Ray-Jones
Katie Ray-JonesCEO, National Domestic Violence Hotline
Grace Salas
Grace SalasChief Human Resources Officer, National Domestic Violence Hotline
Maury Lane
Maury LaneBoard Chair, 24/7/365 Society Founding Member
Dr. Steve Charles
Dr. Steve CharlesBoard of Directors, 24/7/365 Society Founding Member
MariBen Ramsey
MariBen RamseyBoard of Directors, 24/7/365 Society Founding Member
Christopher Bradford

“I dream of a world where everyone can feel safe, respected, and whole in their relationships and at home.” 

Christopher Bradford24/7/365 Society Founding Member
John Lovorn
John LovornThe PACE Group
John Herklotz
John Herklotz24/7/365 Society Founding Member
Stephanie Lary
Stephanie Lary24/7/365 Society Founding Member
Amanda Belcher
Amanda Belcher24/7/365 Society Founding Member
Senator Blanche Lincoln
Senator Blanche Lincoln24/7/365 Society Founding Member
Kristin and Colin Campbell24/7/365 Society Founding Member
Cameka Crawford24/7/365 Society Founding Member
Catrina and Alan Wilson24/7/365 Society Founding Member
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