Meet Our Advocates

Did you know Josie was here on the very day The Hotline opened?

She’s given 15+ years to our organization and has helped countless men and women find safety from abusive relationships. A survivor herself, she says the work helped her regain the self-esteem diminished by years of abuse.

Josie is a proud grandmother and an enthusiastic Longhorn fan. She plays tennis and sews, kindly mending her co-workers’ clothes when needed. She’s bilingual and loves helping Spanish-speaking callers find the help they need.

Ask this 61-year-old powerhouse why she continues her work and she’ll describe the moment she left her abusive husband with her two daughters and a broken rib.

“The reason I do this work is that I am able to give back something that was given to me.”

Each of our hotline advocates has a story to tell — what brought them here, why they do the work they do and how this work has shaped the way they live their lives.

The hotline boasts a diverse group of the most highly trained individuals in the field, and each undergoes 40 hours of initial training to qualify. Within two weeks post-training, they must demonstrate adequate skills in crisis intervention through participation in 12 hours of monitoring calls, role-plays and answering live calls.

Advocates additionally participate in the “12-Week Skill Building” follow up training with assigned mentors, and continue to attend in-service trainings and education sessions during their tenure.

Altogether, our dedicated advocates have answered more than 3 million calls since the hotline’s inception, and through the work of these individuals, The Hotline continues to be the national leader in providing services to victims, friends and family.

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