Troy Vincent Gives #HotlineThanks

Troy Vincent Gives #HotlineThanks

“Domestic violence was a way of life for my home growing up. The fear and complexities accompanying this violence remain very real to me today.” — Troy Vincent, NFL Sr. Executive Vice President of Football Operations, Former NFL Cornerback

As young boys, Troy Vincent and his brother listened helplessly many nights from the closet or under a bed in their small apartment while their stepdad yelled at and beat their mother. Growing up, this was his model for a relationship. He remembers thinking, “Is this the way things are supposed to be?”

Back then, there was little help for victims and survivors of domestic violence. Troy and his brother saw their mother struggle to seek help and find the courage to say, “No more.”

Today, Troy is thankful for the help and resources that exist for victims and survivors through The Hotline. Your support helps ensure these services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Please join Troy Vincent in showing leadership over violence by making a gift today.

Thank you!

P.S. As the holidays approach, survivors and supporters — including Troy Vincent, Christi Paul and Brian Boitano — are telling us why they are thankful for the resources The Hotline provides to survivors. Follow The Hotline on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to see their stories as they are posted!

Don’t forget to share why you’re thankful by using the hashtag #HotlineThanks

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