How I See DV — Week 1 Recap

How I See DV — Week 1 Recap

We asked and you answered. In the first week of our campaign we wanted to know how you saw domestic violence (DV) in your own community. Today, and every Friday in October, we’re sharing the answers we hear. Thank you for the great feedback — we’re excited to continue this conversation with you all month.

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  1. I see domestic violence as a death warrant if the law enforcement and court system dont protect the victims once they leave their abuser..My mom died as the result of failed protection from the counties law enforcement.

  2. I have been with home for 8 years befor this all started. Hr was awesome to me until we brought an
    House. Now its nothing but put downs an name calling embarisemts infront of family and nasty names
    Blames me for being behind on hos bills when he makes almost 2800 a month and our bill only add up to 1100. A month of estimated on the high side and must pay almost 800 of them my self and I do the beat I can at what I do do to help. But he is always blames me for past times when I couldn’t help with bills an has put is in to a small hole money an bill wise that he acts expectingly that I could dig home out of by grieving home all my money after I take care of my own bills. Witch I don’t have I don’t make that much its only a bitt betty then nys min AMD I am working 60 a week an still expected to do all Yeh house work an cleaning an dog care so he can do what he won’t after working a nice non physically demanding job. I do farm work witch is really hard work. On a family farm and its not enough to rent a place of my own witch I would gladly do if I could. Bit I apparently make touch but its not enough to pay rent an car payment phone and gas student loans an what not.

    1. Elizabeth,

      Thank you for sharing with our blog community. It sounds like so much is going on and I am so glad you have reached out to us. It sounds like what is going on is economic abuse. Abuse happens because one person wants control over their partner and an abuser uses many different tactics to gain that control. We know that people who are abusive will not take responsibility over their behaviors and only blame their partner for what is going on. And it sounds like that is what is going on here.

      Know that you may have other options. If you would ever like to talk about those or more about what is going on, feel free to contact us, The National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233. An advocate is available 24/7 to offer guidance and support and your call is completely confidential.

      Until then,


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