Molly Maid – Creating Safer, Healthier Homes

Molly Maid – Creating Safer, Healthier Homes

Ms. Molly Foundation Since 1996, Molly Maid has raised over 1 million dollars to support the Ms. Molly Foundation, which provides assistance to over 110 domestic violence shelters across the country. The need to help has continued to grow over the years, as franchise owners see the impact domestic violence has had not only on its customers, but also among Molly Maid employees.

Danessa Itaya, chairperson on the Ms. Molly board of directors, says that a mission of the Molly Maid Foundation is to have their employees get involved in the community. Each franchise participates in various activities throughout the year, but most of the awareness and activities are focused in October during Domestic Violence Awareness Month. These grassroots efforts include silent auctions, charity concerts, car washes and chili cook-offs, to name a few.  Danessa also states that over the years, customer donations have increased by 50 percent, as more and more customers see the need for shelter services and want to give back to their communities.

Molly Maid also educates their customers by including information on domestic violence on their website, in-home materials and through social media.

We applaud Molly Maid, their employees and customers for taking a stand against domestic violence. To learn more about their work,  please visit the Molly Maid Foundation website.

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  1. I am a male. I was falsely imprisoned using pharmacy drugs for a period of time. This is domestic abuse as well, I think. All of this was done without a trial, a judge, a jury, or case. It was all secretly done, without a word. Has anyone gone through something like this? I’d like suggestions from others.

    1. Russ:

      The mere fact that you are male as no effect upon whether or not you are in a domestic violence situation; however, I’m guessing that we don’t have enough information to best direct you on your circumstance. Domestic violence is best defined, in summation, abuse (emotional, verbal, economical, physical — oftentimes, a combination thereof) between intimate partners (boyfriend-girlfriend, husband-wife, and the like).

      Perhaps, you could clarify your particular situation a little further in terms of domestic violence, the subject of this forum/blog community.

      NDVH Hotline Advocate_kk

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