National Domestic Violence Hotline Awareness

Hotline Answers Two Millionth Call

On September 30th, the National Domestic Violence Hotline answered its two millionth call.  This milestone represents two million families that have received help and hope since the Hotline’s inception in 1996. This call came as the need for the Hotline continues to grow.  During 2008, the call volume for the Hotline has increased by approximately 1,000 more calls per month.

The Hotline received over 230,000 calls in 2007 with its monthly call volume averaging over 19,500 calls. As the number of calls have climbed steadily in 2008, some months have seen a 10% to 15% increase over the same months the previous year. Answering this increased volume of calls places significant strain on the Hotline’s resources. Unfortunately, this results in a longer wait time for callers needing to get to safety, and a increased number of callers hanging up, both of which can be dangerous in violent situations. To address this issue the Hotline has increased volunteer recruitment for advocates.

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