Million Voices Campaign Members Contribute in Local Communities

Million Voices Campaign Members Contribute in Local Communities

The Million Voices Campaign to End Domestic Violence in America signed up more than 13,000 members who are working in their local communities to educate, inform, and raise awareness about the problem of domestic violence and sources of help. Community commitment is a key factor to ending the pervasive cycle of domestic violence, and these passionate citizens are working to mobilize their communities into action.

Activities undertaken by Million Voices Campaign members are as diverse as the communities they represent. Every action, big or small, creates awareness and encourages dialogue.

Great Actions And Good Ideas

One group held a statewide poster competition about ending domestic violence and the Million Voices Campaign. The posters were then displayed on the sidewalk surrounding the state capitol.
Another group hosted a seminar about Hollywood’s glorification of stalking.
Members have displayed Hotline posters in local court buildings to inform victims of their options.
Campaign members across the country are organizing charity walks in honor of lost loved ones.

As membership in the Million Voice Campaign grows, so will the impact that individual campaign members have in their local communities. The collective voice of campaign members is growing as well. Thousands of citizens speaking with one voice have the potential to transform the culture that we live in.  The Million Voices Campaign, through local action and a united national voice, is creating change in our communities and across America. We urge you to join this unparalleled effort by visiting Membership is free.

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